Power to Slow Down Aging Process is in Your Hands Right Now

Millions of people who loathe the thought of getting old pay keen attention to the latest news about high-tech medical research that is seeking that “magic pill” to halt the aging process in its tracks or even reverse it. Indeed, many exciting developments are in the offing, such as work with stem cells, bio-molecular manipulationContinue reading “Power to Slow Down Aging Process is in Your Hands Right Now”

Exercises to Help Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammatory-related diseases are related to more than 50 percent of fatalities around the planet. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that a lengthy list of disease processes develop secondary to chronic inflammation. Diseases associated with inflammatory processes include: • Autoimmune disorders • Cardiovascular diseases • Certain cancers • Depression and other mentalContinue reading “Exercises to Help Reduce Chronic Inflammation”

Being Less Anxious

Anxiety is a disorder that affects us all. When we become anxious about little things, our minds make situations larger than they are. Our nerves can kick in before important exams or tests, making study more of a struggle. Some people are forced to deal with anxiety on a daily basis. For them, the simplestContinue reading “Being Less Anxious”

The Effect of Exercise on Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a physiological process through which the white blood cells in the body protect the organism against infection or harm. Recent research studies performed by biomedical engineers at Duke University gave them insight on the precise mechanism of inflammation in the human body. The following article presents the experiments run by the scientists atContinue reading “The Effect of Exercise on Chronic Inflammation”


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